Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Piattos Chips


Piattos cheese flavored potato crisps.  Piattos chips also comes in other flavors: sour cream and onion, roadhouse barbecue, nacho pizza, and roast beef. 


Piattos chips are cut into distinctive small bite-size hexagonal potato wafers.


They are sold under the Jack 'n Jill brand by Universal Robina Corporation the food arm of the holding firm J.G. Summit.


Prior to Piattos chips coming on the Philippine market one would have trouble recalling even a somewhat decent locally made potato chip.  Predecessors like V-Cut were very uneven products often with overcooked burnt chips filling half the bag .  To get edible potato chips one had to rely on imports—and shoestring potato snacks like Pik-Nik seemed to make up most of those.   Piattos was a distinct improvement and became a less expensive alternative to imported Frito-Lay or Pringles chips, although probably still not a satisfying substitute for those who like larger or rippled potato chips.  For them the newer potato chips from Oishi might be a better alternative.  Actually Spuds, which like Piattos are manufactured by Universal Robina, would be my first recommendation, but that line seems to have been phased out since I don't see them in supermarkets anymore.  It seems the premium potato chip market in the Philippines still isn't that large.


  1. I have no idea who made this blog or who you are but you are a godsend. as a filipino-american, who cant speak but the closest thing i can get in touch with my roots is the food and being a hypocritical catholic. this blog is great. i know maintaining a blog is a lot of work and down right a hassle sometimes. i hope though that perhaps you can update every now and then.

    thanks again for this great website i truly learned a lot and am hungry!

    ps. in the seafood list, there is a particular shrimp/lobster? i have seen before sold in markets when I was there in 2009. it's a rather long shrimp with many legs on it, it's not a pissing shrimp like what we have in china, almost liekt hat but much longer and bigger, could you please tell me what this is called.

    thanks again


    1. Sorry for the late reply. You seem to be commenting on the other post about Philippine fish and seafood. From your description my guess would be you are referring to ulang specifically the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). There is a link on the other post to more details.

      Thank you for your appreciation of the blog. I update the current posts from time to time but am also working on another website.

  2. hi,

    can i ask if you are station in the Philippines or somewhere else?

  3. Love it so much I even share it with my niece, my personal favorite has been a road house flavor since its first release I love it from the beginning My girlfriend and I always eat it in the canteen before with C2 awesome combination the feeling is very nostalgic... now a days I always order it at (https://www.goods.ph/jack-n-jill-piattos-roadhouse-bbq-85g-7117.html) for me to avoid going to the marker this idea was great and good delivery service makes it possible..