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List of Non-Hotel Buffets in Manila

Non-Hotel Restaurant Buffet or Eat-All-You-Can in Metro Manila

  • Okiniiri No
  • Primero Casa Filipino
  • Quezon
  • Red Box
  • Redragon
  • Red Panda
  • Romulo Lounge
  • Sakae Sushi
  • Sambo Kojin
  • Samgyupsalamat
  • Sandaya
  • Seoul Garden
  • Shabu One
  • Shabu Khan 
  • Shaburi
  • Shokuji
  • Sigsaga
  • Sodam
  • Somethin' Fishy
  • Splice
  • Sumo Sam
  • Tempura
  • Tenka
  • The Thai Kitchen
  • Yakimix
  • Yam Cha
  • Zensho

See also the list of hotel buffets.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

List of Eat-All-You-Can Buffets in Manila

For a list of buffet rates see Buffet Prices of Metro Manila Buffet Restaurants. For buffet deals, discounts, and promotions see All-You-Can-Eat Dining Promos in Manila Philippines.

Chandeliers above the buffet at Buffet 101 MoA Manila

Quick Guide
Where's the best buffet in Manila? Many will say that if you want to eat all you can in Manila go to a hotel buffet and you won't be disappointed. Indeed the restaurant buffets Manila 5-star hotels offer are generally very good with some providing a spread that is likely to be more than one can comfortably sample entirely and expect to stay healthy. 


Many reviews often tout the Sofitel Philippine Plaza's Spiral buffet as the top buffet in Metro Manila for its impressive array of choices and quality. But it is certainly not the only game in town. Speculating if there is another international buffet that is even better can be fun. If Spiral's vaunted 21 food stations—er, ateliers—covering a gamut of popular global cuisine and the accompanying premium price tag it commands sound like overkill you can try the five-star hotel buffets at Spectrum, Heat, and Market Cafe in Makati's Fairmont, the Ortigas CBD's Edsa Shangri-La and Manila's AG New World (formerly Hyatt Regency) hotels respectively which offer respectable alternatives.  For dimsum lovers, Red Lantern at Solaire offers a slightly more interesting selection than others offering unlimited dimsum. If a Japanese buffet in a hotel restaurant is sought Inagiku's utage buffet at the Makati Shangri-La is a leading contender. Among the non-hotel buffet options the spread at Buffet 101 and the Vikings buffet can be overwhelming too while also being more budget-friendly.

Things to Consider
Of course a wide assortment of food isn't the only thing that makes for a good buffet.  Taste, consistency, ambiance, service and intangibles that are weighed uniquely by each individual are factors too. It can be disappointing for example that hotel buffets tend to focus on international, not local, cuisine.  One might need to order á la carte if one wants to sample local fare and the one or two offered by the buffet are not enough. Then there are those places that do not layout all their food out as a proper buffet at all but serve their food a la minute, a practice that has both its advantages and disadvantages.  One might also prefer to seek out a more intimate less busy atmosphere, especially if one finds the din of "Happy Birthday" sung for the umpteenth time,  the crush of people storming the buffet area, or simply the long line to get in the door of the restaurant in the first place too much to endure.

Dining tables at Escolta Restaurant

Pricing and Themes
Of course there's also price to consider. Non-hotel buffet restaurants in Manila usually cost less with the best of them making a stronger showing in terms of value.  But while there may be exceptions—both positive and negative—the general expectation that you get what you pay for usually holds.  Certain theme-oriented buffets or formats because of their focus tend to be less expensive. Popular more affordable eat-all-you-can themes include the smokeless grill, hot pot, the barbecue buffet, the Mongolian buffet, the dim sum buffet, the sushi buffet, the breakfast buffet and the merienda buffet. A rule of thumb one can use is to expect a buffet under 500 pesos to be restricted in some way while a full international buffet costs more. Ultra-cheap buffets that impose time limits on seating on top of the almost standard no-leftover restriction for non-hotel buffets may cost less but will be a no-no for the more leisurely inclined or those entertaining guests.

Native Filipino theme on display at Cabalen buffet restaurant

It helps if the buffet is located nearby and not over an hour's drive away through traffic. The Mall of Asia (MoA) area, Roxas Boulevard from Malate to Ermita, the Makati central business district, the Ortigas CBD, and areas surrounding the Quezon Memorial Circle seem to be hotspots for buffet restaurants in Metro Manila.

Hotel Restaurant Buffet or Eat-All-You-Can in Metro Manila

A view of the ding and area and buffet spread at the Conrad's Brasserie on 3
  • Cucina at the Marco Polo Ortigas
  • El Prado at the Berjaya Makati Hotel
  • Escolta at the Peninsula
  • F Cafe at the F1 Hotel
  • Flavors at the Holiday Inn & Suites Makati
  • Food Exchange Manila at the Novotel Manila Araneta Center
  • Fresh at Solaire Resort and Casino
  • Garden Cafe at the Luxent Hotel
  • Greenstone buffet at the Greenstone Serviced Residences
  • Grand Kitchen at the Grand Hyatt
  • Heat at Edsa Shangri-La
  • High Street Café at Shangri-La at the Fort 
Picture of High Street Cafe's Wok station a counter with bamboo steamers, woks and dishes on display
  • Spice Café at the City Garden Grand Makati
  • Spiral at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza
  • Strand Café at One Pacific Place
  • The Terrace at Maxims

Mainly Serving Breakfast Buffet in Manila

  • 1166 Bistro at the Best Western La Corona
  • 1572 at Fernandina 88 Suites
  • Atrium Lounge at Atrium Hotel
  • Bayview Coffee Shop at Bayview Park Hotel
  • Bistro del Cielo at Parque España
  • Elan Cafe at the Greenhills Élan Hotel Modern
  • Fab at the Holiday Inn Galleria Manila

Chinese Buffet / Dimsum All-You-Can

  • Shang Palace at Makati Shangri-La
  • Xin Tian Di at the Crowne Plaza

Japanese Buffet / Eat-All-You-Can

For other options see the list for non-hotel buffets.


This directory of places where you can eat-all-you-can in Manila was composed to give a brief overview and some ideas.  The dining scene in the city is dynamic and changes occur frequently. Check with the restaurant itself ahead of time before going to make sure a buffet is still being served and when it is available.  Many offer buffets only at selected times or days of the week or at particular branches. Some of the places listed above do not have a buffet per se but an all-you-can-eat offer.

Although placing a reservation is usually unnecessary for most places, a reservation is a very good idea for some of the very popular ones to ensure being seated—especially on a weekend or holiday when prices are higher.  Even with a reservation seats may be reserved for only a limited time.  If one wants guaranteed seating but not the hassle of being at the mercy of the clock, one may wish to go to the restaurant at an earlier date and pay in advance.

Time and Price
In regards to price, breakfast buffets cost less than lunch buffets and lunch buffets usually cost less than dinner buffets. Smaller hotels are more likely to offer only a breakfast buffet and not one for lunch or dinner. Of course the more expensive holiday weekend lunch and dinner buffets are also when the more decadent dishes are brought out. Unlimited foie gras, uni or lobster when offered is usually available during dinner or Sunday brunch which is also when high-end buffets bring out the option for free-flowing champagne.

Discounts and Promotions
One may wish to look up special promotions with daily deal sites like MetroDeal and Cash Cash Pinoy or inquire about credit card discounts. Hotels and restaurants occasionally have limited time discount coupons and vouchers available as well as providing loyalty cards and programs. Birthday buffet promos and group discounts are sometimes offered and something to look for.  Older patrons should not forget about the senior citizen discount.  As with all promos pay attention to the restrictions.


Do you know of other buffets in Metro Manila that are not yet listed?  Have you learned that a listed buffet or all-you-can-eat offer is no longer available?  Post a comment below.

    Monday, October 27, 2014

    Prices of Manila Buffets

    Buffet prices in Metro Manila

    Buffet rates and details in these Manila buffet restaurants should be considered indicative only and subject to change. Indeed they change frequently. Mid-year prices may be lower than end-of-year prices. The cost of a buffet may vary among branches of the same buffet restaurant. Significant buffet discounts, sometimes very large discounts, are usually still applicable to published rates. Children and seniors are usually charged less. On the other hand the buffet price on public holidays may be higher. Some places charge extra for leftovers. No warranty is given regarding the accuracy of the following information. Contact the buffet restaurant or eat-all-you can establishments you may be interested in directly to confirm details. Prices in the table are in Philippine pesos. If converting, 1USD = PHP51.00 or thereabouts.

    Restaurant Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    Spiral Mon.-Fri. 1719.55 net
    Sat. & Sun. 1965.20 net
    2431.94 net
    Sun. 3377.69 net
    Champagne 4092.53 net
    Sun.-Thurs. 2880.25 net
    Fri. & Sat. 3125.90 net
    Cafe Ilang-Ilang
    Mon.-Sat. 2644.50 net
    Sun. 2952 net
    Sat.-Wed. 3013.50 net
    Thurs.-Fri. 3628.50 net
    Sun. 2741 net
    Holiday 3289 net

    Fresh 1198.21 net Sat.  2069.64 net
    Sun. 2614.29 net
    Sun.-Thurs. 2287.50 net
    Fri. Sat. Holidays 2832.14 net
    Sat. 2199 net
    Sun. 2321 net

    Spectrum 1450 net 2150 net
    Sun. 2777 net
    Champagne/Rosé 3888 net
    Sun.-Thurs. 2380 net
    Fri. & Sat. 2450 net
    Cafe 1228
    Mon.-Fri. 1999
    Sat. & Sun. 2299
    Mon.-Sat. 1878 net
    Sun. 2701 net
    Sun.-Thurs. 2149 net
    Fri. & Sat. 2456 net
    The Pantry 1455 net Mon.-Fri. 1850 net
    Sat. 2300 net
    Sun. 2400 net
    Mon.-Thurs. 2100 net
    Fri.-Sat. 2350 net
    Sun. 1850 net
    Market Cafe
    1800 net 2200 net
    Midas Cafe 915 net 1842 net 1842 net
    Marriot Cafe 1250 Mon.-Sat. 1800 net
    Sun. 2400 net
    Sun.-Thurs. 1950 net
    Fri.-Sat. 2400 net
    1787 net
    Sun. 2500 net
    Champagne 3888 net
    2033 net
    2280 net
    Sat. 1720 net
    1680 net 1780 net
    2150 net
    2550 net
    1950 net
    1670 net
    2027 net
    2008 net
    2272 net
    7 Corners
    Mon.-Sat. 1657 net
    Sun. 1878 net
    Sun.-Thurs. 1768
    Fri. & Sat. 1878 net
    1650 net 1984 net
    F Cafe
    1500 net 1500 net
    Flavors 888 net 1498 net 1498 net
    Fri.-Sun. 1485 net
    Sat. 1464 net
    Cafe d'Asie
    1390 net
    Fri. 1540 net
    1390 net
    Fri. 1540 net
    Cafe in the Park
    1360.62 net 1360.62 net
    Red Lantern
    1196.80 net
    Cafe at Hyatt (City of Dreams) 1088 net Mon.-Wed. 1188 net
    Thurs.-Sun. 1288 net
    Mon.-Wed. 1688 net
    Thurs.-Sun. 1888 net
    Overnight 588 net
    Xin Tian Di
    1188 net
    Niu by Vikings
    Mon.-Fri. 1142.40 net
    Sat. & Sun. 1457.40 net
    1457.40 net
    Shang Palace
    Mon.-Sat. 1091 net
    The Terrace Mon.-Thurs. 800 net
    Fri.-Sun. 1000 net
    Mon.-Thurs. 1000 net
    Fri.-Sun. 1200 net
    Mon.-Thurs. 1000 net
    Fri.-Sun. 1200 net
    Acaci 888 net 995 net
    Sun. 1288 net
    1150 net
    Fri. 1288 net
    995 net
    Li Li
    Mon.-Sat. 988 net
    Sun. 1850 net

    865 net
    Phoenix Court
    Tues.-Sun. 793 net
    1037 net (with entrées)
    Tues.-Sun. 793 net
    1037 net (with entrées)
    788 net 988 net
    774.90 net
    1194.90 net
    984.90 net
    1194.90 net
    757 net 866 net
    750 net
    Sambo Kojin
    Mon-Fri. 749
    (Promo 599)
    Sat. & Sun. 749
    Mon.-Fri. 749
    (Promo 699)
    Sat. & Sun. 749
    Buffet 101
    Mon.-Fri. 699
    Sat. & Sun. 999
    Mon.-Fri. 899
    Sat. & Sun. 999
    695++ 750++
    Mon.-Fri. 699 net
    Sat. & Sun. 1088 net
    Mon.-Fri. 899 net
    Sat. & Sun. 1088 net
    Prime Cafe
    Fri. 650 net
    Lola Maria 390 net Mon.-Fri. 650 net
    Sat. & Sun. 480 net
    Fri. 420 net
    La Fiesta
    Mon.-Fri. 599
    Sat. 699
    Sun. 869
    Mon.-Thurs. 799
    Fri.-Sun. 869
    Food Club
    Mon.-Thurs. 599
    Fri.-Sun. 950
    Mon.-Thurs. 799
    Fri.-Sun. 950 
    Somethin Fishy 199 net
    Sat. & Sun. 179 net
    Sat. & Sun. 599 599 net
    Charaptor BBQ (MoA)
    590 690
    Chinatown's Best Food
    588 net 588 net
    576 net 576 net
    Yakimix (MoA)
    Mon.-Fri. 558
    Sat. 599
    Sun. 699
    Mon.-Sat. 658
    Sun. 699
    The Buffet
    Mon.-Fri. 538
    Sat. & Sun. 688
    Mon.-Fri. 588
    Sat. & Sun. 688
    Strand Cafe 350 net Mon.-Fri. 499 net 250 net
    Primero Casa Filipino
    Mon.-Thurs. 498 net
    Fri.-Sun. 598 net
    Mon.-Thurs. 498 net
    Fri.-Sun. 598 net
    Tong Yang (Greenhills)
    Mon.-Fri. 495 net
    Sat. & Sun. 595 net
    595 net
    Mon.-Fri. 446.88 net
    Sat. & Sun. 670.88 net
    Mon.-Thurs. 558.88 net
    Fri.-Sun. 670.88 net
    City Buffet (Fairview)
    Mon.-Fri. 399
    Sat. & Sun. 539
    Mon.-Fri. 499
    Sat. & Sun. 539
    Red Box
    Chocolate Kiss Cafe (Roces)
    Sun. 395
    323.86 323.86
    Cafe Sweet Inspirations Fri.-Sun. 205 net 320 net 320 net
    298-398 298-398
    Kowloon House (West Ave.)
    295 net 295 net
    The Thai Kitchen
    275 275
    218-248 218-248
    Big Plate 198 228
    188 w/o drink
    220 w/ drink
    188 w/o drink
    220 w/ drink
    155 w/o drink
    195 w/ drink
    155 w/o drink
    295 w/ drink

    Saturday, July 12, 2014

    Buffet Promos and Dining Deals in Manila

    Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant Deals, Buffet Discounts, and Dining Promos 

    Some of the significant advertised promotions such as credit card offers, birthday promos and daily deals at buffet restaurants giving discounts on regular buffet prices as well as 50% off discount offers, equivalents or better at other eateries. Deal details may vary or may not be offered at certain branches. Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply. For promos backed by credit card providers standard cardholders may be provided less benefits than premium cardholders or be excluded from an offer altogether. The following are provided to give possible leads and ideas. Accuracy of this list cannot be assured so make sure to check with the restaurant and sales agent for the particular promotion one is interested in ahead of time to confirm the details. 

    Credit Card Offers

    BDO Credit Cards

    50% off on buffet Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at Spectrum
    January 2, 2018 to March 31, 2018

    50% off buffet at Café 1228
    Until February 28, 2018

    50% off on lunch buffet at Seven Corners
    December 15, 2017 to March 31, 2018

    50% off at Xin Tian Di
    December 15, 2017 to March 31, 2018

    50% off at Market Café on daily lunch and dinner buffet
    January 2, 2018 to March 31, 2018

    50% off on buffet at Flavors
    October 25, 2017 to February 15, 2018

    40% off at The Café at Hyatt City of Dreams
    January 2, 2018 to March 31, 2018

    40% off on lunch and dinner buffet at Cafe Ilang-Ilang
    January 15, 2018 to March 31, 2018

    BPI Credit Cards

    Citibank Credit Cards

    50% off at Cucina
    Until January 31,2018

    Security Bank Cards

    30% off at F1
    March 15, 2017 to March 1, 2018

    EastWest Bank Credit Cards

    HSBC Credit Cards

    Metrobank Credit Cards

    PNB Credit Cards

    RCBC Bankard

    Visa Cards

    Restaurant Promos

    Dimsum Discounts

    50% Off Dim Sum Afternoon and/or Late Night


    Golden Fortune
    King Chef 
    Tao Yuan

    Birthday Promos

    Buffet 101
    La Fiesta
    The Food Club
    Sambo Kojin

    Daily Deals

    Cash Cash Pinoy

    Deal Grocer

    Vouchers for buffets at Café Ilang-Ilang, Flavors, Café Belmont, Firefly Roofdeck Bar


    Vouchers for buffets at Spiral, Café 1228, Market Cafe, Food Exchange, The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams, Pan Pacific, Riviera Cafe, Buffet 101, Yakimix, La Fiesta, CityBuffet, The Food Club, Tenka, King One Rotary Hot Pot, Latitude, Ace, Luxent, The Lobby at Hotel Rembrandt, Makan Makan, Shabu Khan, Cafe Rizal, Sigasaga, GNine Diner's


    Many of the popular buffet restaurants also have additional promos that are too numerous and change too frequently to list here including group rates and limited time voucher discounts. Check out the respective websites of buffet restaurants you are interested in and contact them directly to find out more. 

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Piattos Chips


    Piattos cheese flavored potato crisps.  Piattos chips also comes in other flavors: sour cream and onion, roadhouse barbecue, nacho pizza, and roast beef. 


    Piattos chips are cut into distinctive small bite-size hexagonal potato wafers.


    They are sold under the Jack 'n Jill brand by Universal Robina Corporation the food arm of the holding firm J.G. Summit.


    Prior to Piattos chips coming on the Philippine market one would have trouble recalling even a somewhat decent locally made potato chip.  Predecessors like V-Cut were very uneven products often with overcooked burnt chips filling half the bag .  To get edible potato chips one had to rely on imports—and shoestring potato snacks like Pik-Nik seemed to make up most of those.   Piattos was a distinct improvement and became a less expensive alternative to imported Frito-Lay or Pringles chips, although probably still not a satisfying substitute for those who like larger or rippled potato chips.  For them the newer potato chips from Oishi might be a better alternative.  Actually Spuds, which like Piattos are manufactured by Universal Robina, would be my first recommendation, but that line seems to have been phased out since I don't see them in supermarkets anymore.  It seems the premium potato chip market in the Philippines still isn't that large.

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    MAXIMS TOWER - Hotel at Resorts World Manila

    Maxims Tower Hotel in Manila

    Maxims Tower hotel in Manila is an all suite luxury hotel that opened in late 2010 in the Newport City development next to Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. Maxims Manila is integrated into the Resorts World Manila (RWManila) complex which has a popular casino and shopping arcades and is connected to the Manila Marriott Hotel.  (Update: The Remington Hotel has also opened next door.)  RWManila is a joint venture between Alliance Global a listed conglomerate associated with Andrew Tan probably known more for Megaworld and Genting Hong Kong (formerly Star Cruises).  RWManila was conceived as an integrated entertainment resort similar to Resorts World Genting in Malaysia and Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore.

    Boutiques at Maxims Tower ground floor
    The Marriott hotel is connected to Maxims

    Maxims Tower Hotel Rates

    A Maxims Suite has a listed rack rate of $300 per night not including 12% VAT and 10% service charge but a discount of up to 40% might be availed of for elite Resorts World members, a designation determined by previous play at Resorts World casinos.  A discounted listing for as low as $170 has also been observed on a hotel travel site.  A tax exemption is granted to foreign guests upon presentation of a foreign passport on check in.  It might be worthwhile to call and check the rate at the neighboring Marriott for a comparison to make sure one is getting a reasonable rate.  If money is not a consideration, one also has a choice of DeLuxe, Corner, Executive, Signature, Ambassador, and Presidential suites or Royal Villa. Complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking are included for all rooms.

    Restaurants and Food Outlets

    Common area
    Passion Restaurant
    • Cafe Maxims
    • Ginzadon
    • Impressions
    • Passion

    Casino area
    • Bar 360
    • Mercado
    • Noodle Works
    • Pizzasta (2nd floor in area called Prosperity Court)
    • Maxims Dining (2nd floor)
    • Wok N' Steam (2nd floor in area called Prosperity Court) 

    Cameras are not allowed in the casino area.  More restaurants can be found in the integrated Newport Mall, Marriott hotel, and other nearby Newport City buildings.

    Contact Information

    Telephone: (+632) 908-8888 or (+632) 908-8000 loc. 8220


    Is Maxims Tower one of the best hotels in Manila? The Department of Tourism hasn't given it yet an official hotel rating, but the facilities for the most part raise it to the level of a top class hotel.  On the other hand one gets the impression the Maxims hotel plays a largely complementary or secondary role in the Resorts World complex which mainly revolves around its casino. Indeed the Maxims Tower does not have much of a hotel lobby or reception area to speak of.  Rather the foyer doubles as an entrance for the mall.  A small desk on the side, manned by a kind but also very busy individual who is constantly on the phone, serves as reception (Update: replaced recently by a larger more formal and better staffed reception desk).  For a self-proclaimed six-star luxury hotel this is likely to make for a disappointing first impression.  Early hotel reviews also seem to indicate the staff aren't as polished as they could be.  Still the slightly larger rooms, new facilities, and touted butler service might go some way to make up for it.

    Casino at Maxims Tower Resorts World Manila

    The casino is reputed to be the largest casino in the country and hosts a leg of the Asian Poker Tour.  It's a lively venue with a live band or show of some sort usually performing at Bar 360 in the middle of the casino area with gaming tables to one end, slot machines on the other, and restaurants tucked away on one side.  People are encouraged to become members.  Upon membership they are given membership cards which allow them to earn points by gambling at the casino, the points can then be redeemed for rewards and discounts.  With such perks RWManila has become a popular gaming destination but it is likely to face stiff competition in the future when a planned casino development hub along Roxas Boulevard is completed. 


    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Kanin Club

    Kanin Club photo
    Earlier Kanin Club Alabang location.  It has since moved to another building very close by.

    Kanin Club is a restaurant serving Filipino cuisine.  It was founded in 2005 by two couples, Anthony and Emely Mendoza, and Tony Cancio and Mariela Luna who are also the owners of Cafe Breton.  The story goes that Anthony and his friends after cycling around Laguna would regularly stop by the café owned by Tony, a fellow biking enthusiast, to rest and replenish but felt that the crepes on offer weren't enough to satisfy them.  Instead they wanted something heartier—rice.  Thus Kanin Club the Filipino restaurant was born.    

    For impressions and a restaurant review Kanin Club's branch at Westgate Alabang Muntinlupa was visited. Its other branch locations are its original branch in Santa Rosa, Laguna, UP-Technohub in Quezon City, F7 Building Scout Rallos Quezon City, Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati and The Hub Greenfield District in Mandaluyong.

    Contact Info and Schedule
    • Kanin Club Paseo de Sta. Rosa - Tel: (049) 544-0332 Weekdays: 11am-2:30pm 5-10pm Weekends, Holidays: 11am-10pm 
    • Kanin Club Westgate, Alabang - Tel: (02) 771-1400 Weekdays: 11am-2:30pm 5:30-10:30pm Weekends, Holidays: 11am-10:30pm 
    • Kanin Club UP-Technohub, QC - Tel: (02) 332-5978 Daily: 11am-10pm
    • Kanin Club Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati - Tel.: (02) 621-6109 Daily: 11am-10pm
    • Kanin Club The Hub Greenfield, Mandaluyong - Tel.: (02) 631-0081


    The Kanin Club Alabang branch is relatively small—cozy or cramped depending on one's mood and the number of other patrons.  Its interior evokes something between an Old Manila and a 70s retro chic with the capiz panels under the glass tabletops, wood tables and benches, colored stained glass windows, bright Filipino food-related expressionist paintings, and prominent wooden counter.

    Kanin Club's menu is composed mainly of Filipino food with a smattering of foreign inspired dishes that have become popular locally.  The food was good and a distinct interpretation usually with a twist on standard Filipino recipes was noticeable.  We ordered the crispy dinuguan, seafood kare-kare, tinapa rice, and a sago't gulaman shake.  The crispy dinuguan seems to be a popular choice, but while agreeable enough, I must confess a little disappointment with it.  The crispiness of the pork bits of dinuguan is novel but it brought to mind a comparison with chicharon, making me think of the dish as more appetizer than main course.  The mildness of the dark blood sauce was also perhaps too innocuous.  Dinuguan while standard Filipino fare could be seen as a little more on the daring side for those new to Filipino cuisine and I found myself missing the stronger sour and spicy taste of a standard interpretation of the dish.

    Kanin Club Kare-Kare
    Seafood Kare-Kare
    Kanin Club Dinuguan

    The seafood kare-kare was more impressive with a bolder flavor than what one often finds; the distinct taste of what seemed like coconut came off well.  I do wonder though if the rich sauce will stand up well to repeated tastings or become cloying if eaten too much too soon.  The tinapa rice was fine with the smoked flavor of the fish being delicately balanced with the aromatics in the fried rice.

    Kanin Club Tinapa Rice
    Tinapa Fried Rice

    Service and Value
    Service could have been more attentive but was otherwise okay.  The price of the meal was within a reasonable range.

    Other Filipino casual dining restaurants similar to Kanin Club in serving slightly more sophisticated Filipino dishes would be Abe, Crisostomo, and Serye.

    More Information
    •  Lapitan, Karen. (November 27, 2010). Constant craving for rice gives rise to Kanin Club. The Philippine Daily Inquirer.